Uh-oh – story of a skipped deadline (and of how to dig a hole deeper)

Ellie nudged the screen down to shut her laptop and pushed it away towards the end of the bed with the tip of her foot; then she lay down on her back and stared at the ceiling for just a moment, before twisting to reach her phone on the bedside table. She checked the screen without unlocking it, shrugging when she saw no new notifications. She put it back down and grasped the ipad instead, pushing herself higher on the bed and resting her back against a couple pillows. She flipped the cover open, unlocked the screen and then briefly considered what she could do.

Draw, perhaps? She didn’t really feel like it. Her eyes briefly flickered over the “Docs” app, but she quickly moved them away onto the next icon. She could read some more of that fanfiction she’d been captured by recently? Ellie thought about it for a few seconds, then decided that she’d spent most of the previous night and some of the morning devouring it, chapter after chapter. Her reading thirst was momentarily satisfied and, besides, if she kept up that crazy rhythm, she risked she risked finishing the story and finding herself without anything to read.

A little huff escaped her lips, and her eyes wandered around the room, lingering on the curtains-covered window. The light was bright outside. Perhaps she should consider a brief walk in the small garden later.

Spring was warming up the world and everyone was growing a bit tired of spending all their time in the house. She was already restless as it was, even when she didn’t feel trapped inside, and the nice weather was starting to make it even harder. It was one thing to keep busy working or studying or messing around when it was rainy, but now Ellie had read and seen enough news about wild animals poking out of their safe-zones and wandering in the streets. And the roads were kind of neat when they were empty. 

The whole idea of going exploring had a nice ring to it; it felt tempting. She could be careful and stay safe and out of anyone’s way and keep the others safe while still strolling and looking for squirrels and foxes. She was positive Mishi would be happy to join her too. Mishi loved foxes. Maybe they would get to pet one.

She made a mental note to share her newborn plan with the other brat, but for now she merely tapped the icon of one of her games to start it.

A few seconds passed before Ellie caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. Taken aback, she found herself staring at a lovely-as-ever-looking Amelia, with her brows raised and her eyes locked on Ellie.

“Oh, hi, Amean-I mean, Mellie.” She greeted her cheerfully after a moment, sporting a smug innocent face. It might sound like a contradiction, but she kind of had a talent with puppy dog eyes and had been mastering other versions of the main “I’m so sorry” distraught face; one of them just happened to be the smug-innocent face, with her eyes looking so angelic and her little grin challenging anyone to prove otherwise.

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Here’s the first of my stories for the spankostory seasonal challenge.

It features a character many of you already met, someone you know to be a sweet, caring, but also stern and unforgiving Top. Terry Parkers is a character dear to my heart. It takes inspiration from the first toppy character I ever created, back when I was a young girl building her own secret, safe world of words. Terry is one formidable Top (if I say so myself), one you might not want to ever be on the bad side of, but – hey, it wasn’t always like that. Please, enjoy a sneak peek into her life as a college student.

ALERT: there is something non-spanky in this story, but I put an alert that will easily allow you to skip it if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable.

Terry growled as she entered the hospital, shrugging the water off her umbrella and trying to fold it without doing further damage. Her coat was dripping, and her shoes were soaked, so much so that she couldn’t feel the tips of her toes.

She dropped the umbrella somewhere near the entrance, hoping she’d find it on her way back, and headed straight to the stairs. The hospital was its usual potpourri of people of any age and kind. Some wandered around the hall wearing their pajamas, escorted by relatives or nurses fussing over them. Others were, just like Terry, simple visitors, coming in to see someone they loved.

Unlike most of the other people, Terry had a special relationship with that place. The great majority of the faces around her expressed their ill-concealed wish to leave and put as much distance as possible between them and the hospital. For Terry, the Saint Maurice felt like home – or at least something close to it. She was aware of all the pain and suffering that happened within those walls, conscious of how many unknown heroes spent their days and nights fighting their own monsters and enemies. However, where there was aching, there was hope. And where there was hope, there was a chance to make things better.

The Saint Maurice was where her girlfriend worked as an intern, and where she herself hoped she would work someday, after finishing medical school and majoring in psychiatry. For now, she was but a young passionate student, full of energy, expectations and…germs.


“Hello to you too, Parkers.”

Terry rubbed her nose with the back of her sleeve, waving at the woman who had just welcomed her to the general medicine departure, and kept walking – only to be halted a second later, mid-step.

“And just where do you think you’re going?”

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Summer Mischief: part 1

Warning: Summer Mischief is meant to be a light summer story with a spanko touch, something to read under the umbrella or in a moment of boredom. It will be a slow burn (not THAT slow, but a little slow). There will be actual spanking in future chapters, I just can’t promise exactly when yet – but you are welcome to place bets.

If you end up liking these two young ladies I suggest you stay tuned 😛

Enjoy 🙂

Ps. if you find a mistake and report it to me in the comments, you win a treat! 😛

EDIT: My greatest thanks to Mishi for proofreading this! She’s an awesome editor and now the story should go a little smoother thanks to her! Unless I’ve messed something in this EDIT note too (which sounds like I have)…but I can promise the rest of the story is now written in more decent English! 😀 Hopefully, that will help all the native speakers avoid a lot of eyerolling!

Claudia loved early mornings. She loved starting her day running along the beach on the boardwalk, sniffing the intense, fresh scent of the sea and letting the salty breeze caress her heated skin. She loved listening to the soothing sound of the rolling waves, or taking in the beautiful sight of the clean, crystal waters on a good day, when the sun was still waking up and yet to start warming the world. Most of all, she loved her summer routine in the small village. Her seasonal job, her friends, her relative peace. She loved her life as it was: nice and steady, with some sprints of energizing activity here and there. Or so she’d always thought.

“Hey, Claud, how are ye doing, my girl?” The old man greeted her warmly, with his usual toothless smile. Dear old Alvaro had a soft spot for Claudia. He was a good man, had spent a life as a sailor and now ran a kiosk by the sea. No one had been able to convince him to enjoy a quiet retirement: he liked to repeat that, if he was to live without his sea and something to keep busy with, they might as well bury him now. “What can I get ya, huh? The usual?”

Claudia approached the counter as she gathered her long, dark-blonde hair in a high ponytail, a broad smile brightening her features.

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