Uh-oh – story of a skipped deadline (and of how to dig a hole deeper)

Ellie nudged the screen down to shut her laptop and pushed it away towards the end of the bed with the tip of her foot; then she lay down on her back and stared at the ceiling for just a moment, before twisting to reach her phone on the bedside table. She checked the screen without unlocking it, shrugging when she saw no new notifications. She put it back down and grasped the ipad instead, pushing herself higher on the bed and resting her back against a couple pillows. She flipped the cover open, unlocked the screen and then briefly considered what she could do.

Draw, perhaps? She didn’t really feel like it. Her eyes briefly flickered over the “Docs” app, but she quickly moved them away onto the next icon. She could read some more of that fanfiction she’d been captured by recently? Ellie thought about it for a few seconds, then decided that she’d spent most of the previous night and some of the morning devouring it, chapter after chapter. Her reading thirst was momentarily satisfied and, besides, if she kept up that crazy rhythm, she risked she risked finishing the story and finding herself without anything to read.

A little huff escaped her lips, and her eyes wandered around the room, lingering on the curtains-covered window. The light was bright outside. Perhaps she should consider a brief walk in the small garden later.

Spring was warming up the world and everyone was growing a bit tired of spending all their time in the house. She was already restless as it was, even when she didn’t feel trapped inside, and the nice weather was starting to make it even harder. It was one thing to keep busy working or studying or messing around when it was rainy, but now Ellie had read and seen enough news about wild animals poking out of their safe-zones and wandering in the streets. And the roads were kind of neat when they were empty. 

The whole idea of going exploring had a nice ring to it; it felt tempting. She could be careful and stay safe and out of anyone’s way and keep the others safe while still strolling and looking for squirrels and foxes. She was positive Mishi would be happy to join her too. Mishi loved foxes. Maybe they would get to pet one.

She made a mental note to share her newborn plan with the other brat, but for now she merely tapped the icon of one of her games to start it.

A few seconds passed before Ellie caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. Taken aback, she found herself staring at a lovely-as-ever-looking Amelia, with her brows raised and her eyes locked on Ellie.

“Oh, hi, Amean-I mean, Mellie.” She greeted her cheerfully after a moment, sporting a smug innocent face. It might sound like a contradiction, but she kind of had a talent with puppy dog eyes and had been mastering other versions of the main “I’m so sorry” distraught face; one of them just happened to be the smug-innocent face, with her eyes looking so angelic and her little grin challenging anyone to prove otherwise.

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Back to the future

A few weeks ago I posted a story featuring a younger Terry ensuring herself a sore bottom for misbehaving while sick and putting her health at risk.

A certain young brat (of course it had to be a brat, or she wouldn’t have noticed) realized that, out of a strange coincidence, the first time contemporary Top Terry made her appearance in a public kinklet story, she was after Ellie for basically the same crimes (along with a few more minor infractions).

 Today I’m going to show you what Terry looked like on her first public appearance, clearly a long time after switching to the dark side.

Please, enjoy a “back to the future” (or back to the present) snippet, a repost and reconstruction of some bits of the original kinklet that happened over at Anna Reilly Spanking Romance in June 2017.

Many thanks to Mishi for coming up with this similarity and Micah for giving me permission to repost the bits I wrote back then. 😉

More comments at the end of the story.


Terry put down her phone, staring at it with a worried expression. It was the third time she tried to call Ellie, and yet no answer had come from the young brat, not even in text form. Terry would have thought the younger girl was simply mad at her and avoiding her because of it, but Ellie hadn’t been online at all, which was strange in itself.

Terry Parker had lived in town for over a year now and half of her stay she had shared her apartment with the young bratty friend from her country. The two had always had a connection, and Terry could see so much of herself in the youngster, but Terry had grown a long way from that far away time when she would recklessly get up to mischief, continuously earning a sore backside from her girlfriend Mary or their mentor, Hannah.

Now, years later, Terry was an amazing doctor and a Top, an affirmed one too, and she was also rather convinced that little Ellie could beat her at her own game when it came to mischief-making.

The young miscreant had no interest in taking care of herself and staying safe, which was the reason why so many times Ellie had found herself over Terry’s knee, getting a bit of a nasty, but most necessary (in Terry’s opinion), handmade old-fashioned medicine.

Despite that (or maybe because of it), their cohabitation had worked charms so far. They had cared for each other before, but they had grown even closer in the last few months. Terry looked after Ellie and Ellie strived to do better, the older woman made sure Ellie would be well fed and behaved at the cost of not sitting comfortably, and the younger brat made sure Terry felt loved and nowhere near lonely. They balanced and completed each other, like two sides of a coin – kept each other sane when everything outside seemed to be falling apart.

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Dear Santa…before I explain, how much do you know already?

That (the title of this post) was how I was going to start my blog entry to wish all of you people around the world a heartfelt Merry Christmas…however, as you might have figured out by now, I am late.

Now now…that shouldn’t come as a surprise, I realize, for I’m always late (or so I’ve been told); still, I wanted to wish you all the best holidays, filled with laughs and love and cuddles and happiness. I wish for you to be able to wrap up the end of this last year with a nice, satisfied smile (or at least a patient, slightly resigned one if it was the sort of year that tested your survival) and to be ready to welcome the new one with hope twinkling in your eyes.

I for one will try to embrace the fresh start with a more hopeful, more positive attitude; I’ll keep fighting hard for what I want, growing and challenging myself daily; I’ll try to complain less and laugh more often; to be a good friend and maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to be kinder to myself sometimes.

I’m not going to promise I will try to be a good girl, for that’s something I have absolutely no intention to commit to. Besides, why would I, when I already am a good girl!?

So, once again, I wish you all a beautiful, happy ending and I wish you an even better beginning. You deserve it, no matter how good or bad you were this year. Everyone deserves a second chance, don’t we?

With this (and with the promise I’m working on stories in hope they DO make it out of my drawer, possibly soon enough to be apart of Alyx’s Christmas Gift Exchange) I’m saying bye for now.

Ps. please, notice that my name is not appearing on the nice list because it’s already noted under Santa’s arm for 2018. But, hey, the good thing is, I have a whole year to…steal that list and swap the Nice-Naughty labels!


Hello readers!

Long time no see. I don’t know if any of you wondered what happened to me and who kidnapped me (most of you likely know I’m alive because you’ve seen me causing havoc at Anna’s once in a while): I wasn’t kidnapped and yes, obviously I’m still alive.

I had three extremely tough months in a school that works a bit like a bootcamp. They pulled us straight out of our comfort zone the first day and we haven’t spotted it since: I’ve had late working night (up until 5 am), one project after another, companies kicking my ass, educational specialists kicking my ass, professors kicking my ass and so on…in a way I think I’m coming out of this stronger than I was…in another I must admit I am overly tired and stressed out, which some of you already know as when I’m stressed I am particularly…”hard to handle” (sorry girls).

In all of this…I’ve missed you terribly. I miss writing, I miss causing trouble and being a brat. The levels of stress I went through have taken down almost totally my “toppy side”: I guess feeling constantly tired, lost, under pressure and like I need to prove myself have just made my need for someone to take control and just hug me and repeat me that it’s ok and I’m doing ok and I’m going to be fine rise to the stars – and above.

It is amusing how feelings in TTWD change depending on where you are in your life and what’s happening to you. Not surprising, cause I guess it’s an understandable fact, but yes amusing. You tend to underestimate how much things might change in just a few weeks. Do you know what I mean? Did you ever feel like this?

Enough with my rambling!

As you may have noticed, I made a bit of restyling on my blog, I was tired of all those words and I needed some more pictures. Now it all looks giant and I have to get used to it, but I hope it’s still a nice change for you all. I also gave it a little Xmas streak since we’re getting close to it.

I cross my fingers hoping I will be able to write and publish stories again. You have faith. I plan of definitely having something around Christmas. If I’m late…either remind me with a swat or be extremely patient with me (you choose which option would work best).

In all cases, I hope you decide to stay: I would definitely miss you if you left.

That said, how are you all doing recently? Are you being good? Gosh, I hope not because I don’t want to feel lonely on Santa’s naughty list!

Welcome aboard!


After receiving the awesome support of two of my favorite spanking authors and an unexpected ‘following’ by a new fellow brat, I thought it was about time I officially welcomed you over here. 😄

Please, make yourself at home, wander around, brat your way into the secret passages of my blog (yeah, CJ, that was for you), burn all the paddles you can find! This is a place of naughtiness and hopefully smiles and laughs. And I wouldn’t mind if sometime in the future it became for someone a place of comfort too, like other blogs have been and still are for me.

I will do my best to bring a grin to your face, make you feel like being a little bad and cause some good IPS (which, for those who ignore it, is a pretty bad Toppy illness known as “Itching Palm Syndrome” – it causes itching, stern looks, redness and soreness, it can be caught more than once, like a cold, and there is no vaccine against it!).

Now, for the opening party only, you can choose whether to give me a single swat (I will allow that, but only because I am a good host!) or get one yourself! Who’s first? 😇😁👋🏻

Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back soon! 😘