Rules and disclaimers

Yeah, I know, the word “rules” makes you growl. I don’t like it either, however these ones are extremely important and I must ask that you read them carefully and understand them before you read or do anything else on this blog.

1. First thing first: if you are not of legal age I must ask you to leave the blog at once. There could be mature content here that you might not be ready to understand just yet (even if you feel differently);

2. This blog contains f/f discipline and spanking related stuff: if you don’t like it or are in any way bothered by it, please find another blog that suits you better and is closer to your tastes;

3. All the characters featured in the stories are over 18 and into TTWD (which means spanking – even the disciplinary kind – is consensual and part of a mutual agreement) – no form of abuse is contemplated, allowed or encouraged on this blog;

4. Characters and facts involved in the stories are purely fictional and do not refer to any real life episode unless specified differently;

5. Feel free to comment under my posts or contact me in private. The only thing I ask is that you are kind and respectful to everyone and anyone involved. Aggressive tones will not be tolerated;

6. Enjoy and have fun!

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