Hi You, and welcome to Tales of a Rogue!

This is a safe little corner where I mostly post my spanking stories and thoughts, with the occasional personal digression about life, my interests and my adventures into the world. This is also a place for you to enjoy my tales, have some fun and talk to me if you wish.

Who am I? Well, name’s Ellie, I am a spankee (but whispers in the dark say I can switch) and a bit of a rogue.

I decided to let a few random facts tell you something about me (should work better than a long, boring post):

  1. I am not a native English speaker;
  2. I can go from quiet, responsible and shy to loud, rebellious and stormy depending on the situation;
  3. You can always find some lost sock under my bed;
  4. I am good at giving massages;
  5. A few times in my life I have dreamed I could run away and start over on the other side of the planet;
  6. I am passionate about writing, art, psychology and a few geeky/nerdy things;
  7. Sometimes I wear glasses;
  8. Pranksters Fred and George Weasley are among my favorite characters from the Harry Potter world. I bet you are surprised.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jamie

    I haven’t really opened up about being a spanko, but I have really enjoyed your site. I was wondering if you could email me because I have a few questions that I don’t really know who to ask or open up to? I especially liked your one with Hannah, she seems like a cool nurse to have around!:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Jamie, welcome to the blog. 😊 Feel free to send me a message through the contact form, it will go straight into my mail and I’ll be able to retrieve your address and email back (there is probably an easier way but I can’t remember it right now, I still lack my first dose of caffeine of the day).

    I hope I can be of help with your questions. Also, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed Hannah and the stories I posted so far!


      1. Hi again, Jamie…could you please try again? Something went wrong, as I did not receive anything from you. I had my contact page tested and received the email from another user, though, so it should be working. 😦

        I hope it wasn’t a long message that got lost in the cyberspace.


          1. Hey Jamie, I did receive it this time, thank you!

            Just so you know, it might take me a little while to answer but I WILL get back at you as soon as possible 😊

            Ps. Since I now have it, I edited your previous comment to erase and protect your email address. Better be safe! 😉


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