Of Spring and Hope

As most of you hopefully know, these are tough, trying times.

I have been even more absent than usual because of all the implications this pandemic is having, both in terms of being busy (I still work, only from home as I’m quarantined) and of emotional downs and distress.

The country I live in (Italy) is one of the most hit and we’re going through a lot. Too many people dying (the numbers make my head spin every night and they say we’re not even at the “peak” yet) and so many more being isolated, separated from their families and friends, scared and feeling powerless, if not for what little we can do:

  • Stay home (as much as we can, avoid contact as much as possible, go out only to grocery/medications-shop if we can’t book a home-delivery)
  • Stay safe (avoid doing anything unnecessary and risky, take precautions, use masks and gloves, wash our hands, use glasses instead of contact lenses, don’t keep the shoes on after we went out)
  • Help out as much as we can (be it a donation, some good deed for our old neighbors or taking care of family members who are more at risk – but, most important of all, again – stay home)
  • Be patient, be brave and have hope.

Even though most are proving they can be smart and selfless, Italy has way too many people that still go out and about for reasons that are not a life or death necessity (people going out for a walk or a run or going to the grocery stores twice a day just to get out of the house and/or meet friends). I cannot express how dumb this is. Giving up some freedom today will save someone’s life, but they don’t care. They put their needs and feelings first and this is why, honestly, our numbers have been getting worse and might keep doing so for a while. This is also why not only people who get COVID-19 will be at risk but also everyone else who will need urgent care and won’t find a bed available, or will have to wait for the doctors and nurses to be available because hospitals and health workers are blowing up/being depleted.

I’m not writing this to discourage and scare any of you. Most of you live in countries where things are just starting to look bad or have not changed yet. I am sharing this because I hope none of you will underestimate the effects and side-effects as well as the total lockdown this virus is causing. And also so you know that, should you need any advice, I will be here to tell you everything I know and that I’ve learned from this experience so far.

But also, today is the first day of Spring and I want to look at the situation with a little hope. May spring bring better news and may we all stay safe, as well as our loved ones. May you get my virtual tight hug wherever you are, as I’m encouraging you and empathizing with you for how badly being alone and frightened sucks.

I’ll be here. As much as I can.

I also want to communicate to you that the SSC will go on if anyone will want to submit anything. You won’t risk any punishment for NOT submitting an entry, but writing might be a way for you (I hope it’ll be for me) to keep away nasty thoughts and keep busy to avoid feeling restless and “going insane”.

Best wishes to you all. Stay safe and let me know how you all are doing. Please.


Ps. I know I haven’t answered to some comments and emails yet. I’ll get back to you asap. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Of Spring and Hope

  1. I’m relieved to see you posting… I’ve been worrying about you (I’m worrying about EVERYONE, but especially the people I know of in Italy). I doubt it’s any consolation, but I believe the warnings from Italy were the first crack in denial for a lot of people around the world… it may be a coincidence, but we saw the first school closures here in the US a day after I read an essay by an Italian doctor about overwhelmed hospitals.

    This is sad and unreal and frightening. I hope everyone does what they can to take care of themselves and the people around them.

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    1. Oh Xen, if our experience could be of any help to other countries, I can only be glad and relieved!

      Today we got numbers (albeit still scary) slightly lower than yesterday – it was refreshing, considering how bad it had been in the past few days. I am hoping that it’s just the beginning and that we’ll get even lower numbers tomorrow, but I am not hoping “too loudly”. I know that, no matter what happens, we will need to be patient for a while still.

      Please to keep us updated on your own situation and how it is evolving. I am crossing my fingers for all of you to be safe and soun.

      Encouraging hugs!

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  2. Amanda

    So glad you’re doing well, Ellie! I was also worried about you when I heard about Italy.

    They just issued at stay at home order here yesterday, except for essential businesses. I work at an essential company so I’m still having to go to work. I have Lysol, Clorox wipes and sanitizer by me at all times. Lol. I’m so ready for us to all get through this. Stay safe and take care, everyone! ❤️

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    1. Rifel

      I’m from italy too and I must agree, the situation has been quite tragic here over the past few weeks… we wait and we hope for the best!
      Good luck ellie and good luck everybody, please don’t underestimate it!

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      1. Hey Rifel! I had no idea you were from Italy! How are you feeling? Hope things aren’t too bad in your region and that you’re keeping safe and staying home. We’ll get through this! 🙂


      1. Amanda

        It’s going…Lol. I’m still having to go to work so nothing has really been too different here, except places considered “non-essential” being closed. At least tomorrow is April Fools day! One of a brats favorite days of the year 😈

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      2. Rifel

        Ahah yes probably i never mentioned it. Yes i’m fine, and my friends and family are too! I’m really starting to miss real people, but hey, i can stand it if it helps keep everybody safe!
        Anyway, things seem to start improving here… or at least stop getting worse!
        Keep waiting, and hoping!

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