A Witch’s True Glow – Part 1

by Mishi Dreamer and Ellie Rogue

Mishi and I decided to try our hands at something different this time. Everything started from a dream and, before we knew, we were deep in conversation about what might happen if we had some magical, mischievous alter-egos in a parallel universe where everything is possible, spells can clean up rooms and you can stir potions the way you stir up trouble. I wonder if you all will guess who wrote what! 😉

Enjoy the – barely in time – Summer Entry for the SSC!

It was just another day at the Academy of Magic and Witchcraft of Springwood. First period had started and most of the witchlings were sitting in their classrooms, ready to deal with their fair share of notions, explanations, tests and labs. At the end of the day the magical academy was but another school, fervent with spirited minds, untrained saplings, young ladies that would’ve easily chosen a walk or broom-ride outside over the slow, monotonous, indoor routine they were supposed to endure. Breakfast at 7, classes from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm, lunch and then homework or practice sessions. Some witches met their mentors for extra lessons, others tended to the duties of their magical clubs: freezing ball, magical gardening, fast-flying (reserved to the pupils with a few years of experience), and enchanted art among them. Dinner was at 7.30 pm, lights out at 10.30 sharp. Another of the tedious rules most students hated and some tried to ignore.

But, the teachers seemed to believe that was what they needed. Dedication, discipline and focus were particularly important for a little witch. Essential, even. Magic was a powerful energy that, if not properly constrained, could “turn a witch and her whole world upside down” – or that was what Amelia often repeated, most of the time in relation to some sort of spell her girls were not ready to learn but begging her to teach.

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Smells like September

Hello, fellow spankos. It’s been a while.

You see, in July some brats had the guts to “accuse” me of not having reminded them of the Spring deadline for the Seasonal Challenge. So here I am, dropping a quick memento mori for those that still have to submit their Summer Story: 23 days until Autumn, 23 days to write and post your stories before you find yourselves in a heap of trouble.

Speaking of which, I’d like to thank everyone that answered my poll and to announce that, not surprisingly, this was the consequence a large majority chose:

they want the writers who skip a deadline to be “Writing their spanking as they imagine it would be. Only limit: the character getting it must have their name”.

The option was followed only by the “grounding” idea, which would surely be less fun for our readers but no doubt as effective (and less time consuming) for our misbehaving writers.

So, any of you out there who are participating in the challenge or wanting to join, watch out for these blood-thirsty readers that know exactly how to keep us motivated! 😀

Now to a less ominous topic: how were your holidays?

January might be when the new year officially begins, but we all know September represents a “fresh start” in itself. Besides, it’s much easier to feel positive and proactive with the skin still warmed up by the sun and the glint of freedom in our eyes and…ok, who am I kidding!? I wanna go back to the carefree afternoons on the beach, the rocks-climbing, the sunburns, the ice-creams with friends and all that wonderful, soul-cleansing stuff September is taking away.

But alas, we wouldn’t appreciate that freedom as much if we didn’t have it for a limited time.

It’s what Tops do, right? They take away privileges so that we realize how much we miss them, how much they meant for us, and are willing to stop in our tracks and become good little angels in order to gain them back. Isn’t that evil?

Yes, and yet sometimes we need it.

And like a Top who restores access to a privilege for good behavior, I hope September will give us back the energy to start something new and seek what can make us feel alive, feel us – not suspended in time, like during the holidays, when we procrastinate anything we aren’t forced to take care of right away, but present in our own daily life.

I for one hope to be able to make some changes in mine. What about you?

Welcome back, fellow brats and Tops. May the year be as nice as the hand that rubs your stinging backside after a good awakening SWAT.