Saying Goodnight

As promised, here’s my (late) Spring story for the SSC. The first part of this story is inspired by some real-life events that occurred a few months ago. Sydney and Brigitte took it from there and made it their own. Enjoy and, if you do, drop me a comment. It sure helps me get writing.

“Crushed you again, Jack Russel!”

“For the love of God, Sydney, I’m not a dog! My name’s Jacob! Ja-cob! And you didn’t crush me. That was so fucking close…”

“Oooohhhh it burns, doesn’t it? You don’t like being beaten by a girl, admit it!” Sydney giggled as she re-adjusted her mic, a replay of her “Action-of-the-game” running on screen.

“I will admit that you’re the most obnoxious gay-mer I ever met.” Came Jacob’s voice through the gaming headphones.

“You love me.”

“That doesn’t make you any less of a pain.”

Sydney grinned. She stifled a yawn and stretched her fingers.

“Shut up and start another game already.”

“I don’t think so, young lady.”

Sydney froze for a second at Brigitte’s voice coming from the kitchen. Her tone was just the kind Sydney hated, especially at 11.45pm.

“Was that your bossy girlfriend? I take it I’m not to start another game?” Jacob asked hesitantly, though it just irritated Syd further.

“Hush, I can pretend I didn’t hear it.” She muttered, starting a new game herself.

They were halfway through the loading when Brigitte’s silhouette appeared on the door, and Sydney did her best to ignore it.

“What are you doing? I thought I told you to stop.”

That was, smartly enough, a bit too loud for Sydney to ignore. She raised her chin and shot her girlfriend an innocent look.

“Oh, Bri, hi. Sorry, did you say something?”

“Nice try, brat. Close the game. It’s almost midnight and you need to get ready for bed.”

“Oh. Already? Wow, who would’ve thought.” Sydney ignored Jacob’s chuckle in her headphones. Instead, she flashed Brigitte a smile, before going back to her screen. “Alright, honey, I’ll get off after this match.”

“No, you’ll get off now. Say bye to Jacob. Bye, Jacob, sorry she’s being impossible.”

“No problem, Brig, I feel sorrier for you!” Was Jacob’s reply, and Sydney was happy he could hear them thanks to the microphone, but Brigitte couldn’t hear him.

“He asked if we can play one more game.”

“I did not!” Came Jacob’s outraged answer, again pointedly ignored.

“No, you may not. Close your laptop, Sydney.” Syd swallowed instinctively, noticing how her girlfriend and top’s voice had gone down a bit. It was now closer than ever to threatening.

Right at that moment, the game fully loaded, and the countdown signaled the beginning a new match.

“Whoops, it started, I can’t right now.” Sydney readied herself to pilot her character through the first round, but her huge smile turned into a frown when Brigitte’s hand descended on her laptop and pushed the screen down, shutting everything.

“What the hell?” Sydney rebelled, but just where the screen had been up until a couple seconds earlier, Brigitte’s face was now lingering, her beautiful narrowed eyes boring into Syd.

“Time for bed.”

“That’s bull-“ Sydney had the decency to bite her tongue when Brigitte’s stare turned lethal. “-I mean, I don’t wanna go to bed, I’m fine. That’s just stupid.”

“Watch it, little girl, you already bought yourself some time over my lap, I don’t want to have to spank you this late at night. You need sleep.”

Sydney blushed at the mention of the s-word, but could not help her typical pout. The laptop was taken from her lap and gently rested on the shelf, then Brigitte turned to face her, hands on hips.

“You didn’t let me say goodnight.” Sydney grumpily accused.

“I’m sure Jacob will understand. As usual, when you will be ready for bed you’ll have a few minutes to text everyone goodnight. That is, if you hurry up. It’s already 11.50 pm and your bedtime snaps at midnight – as you know.”

Sydney held her girlfriend’s look for a few moments, weighing her options. As much as her whole body was screaming in protest and wanting her to throw a giant fit, she knew Brigitte was serious. They had that sort of discussion far too often at night. Syd was a night bird and deeply hated going to sleep, while ever since the beginning of their relationship Brigitte had made it a point to help Sydney get a decent amount of sleep every night. They weren’t quite there, yet, but both knew that specific battle would take a long time, and that it was a lot about patience and endurance. Each of them hoped the other would give in, someday.

Grudgingly, Sydney gathered her things and marched to the bathroom to take care of her needs, slip into pajamas and brush her teeth. It was still 5 to midnight when she went back to the bedroom, where the only light on was the soft lamp on the bedside table.

Brigitte was sitting in bed, her kindle over her lap, but the moment she spotted Sydney she put it away and gestured for the brat to join her. Syd hesitated.

“You said I could text my friends goodnight.”

“And you can. But I want you over my lap for a while. I know you need it, baby.”

Sydney considered protesting, but she had to admit, as embarrassing as that was, she actually enjoyed going over her love’s lap. It helped her relax and settle down, and she desperately needed some soothing intervention.

Careful not to give Brigitte too much satisfaction, the pouting brat kneeled on the bed and then let her girlfriend help her over. The position was somewhat comfy for Sydney, with her legs and torso resting on the soft bed, but her backside was elevated over her girlfriend’s thighs, which made her feel exposed even with her pants and panties up.

Brigitte started tapping her behind and running her hand on the sensitive skin, setting Syd’s face on fire (it still happened, no matter how many times she’d been in that position), but the younger one tried to focus on her phone as she texted her mates Jacob and Ryan. The first sent her a wink and a goodnight almost right away, while the second…Sydney knew the second’s support would be the most important at that point.

_Help, R. I’m feeling naughty.

_Do you ever not feel naughty this time of the day?

_Shut up. I don’t wanna go to sleep.

_Then don’t?

_How? I’m already over her lap and it’s three minutes till midnight.

_Get creative.

_I kind of feel like I could sneak out of bed after lights out.

_Now that’s my girl.

_So you are not going to discourage me? Try to save my backside?

_Should I? Sorry, Kels and I haven’t been together in a while and I feel like causing trouble, so…I’m all for it.

_If only Bri could see my screen rn.

_LOL. I’m glad she can’t.

“Alright, baby, time to put your phone away.”

“What? But It’s still 11.58!”

“Yes, and you need to relax. The light of the screen is not going to help you, there.”

“Says the one that’s patting my backside. Ow!” Syd squirmed at the sudden, sharp swat that fell across her cheeks. “Fine…phone away.”

“Good girl.”

Brigitte continued to rub and pat her for another minute, before she helped her sit up and snuggle back down under the blankets, head on the pillow.

“Goodnight, my little brat. I love you. Sleep well and tight.”

“Bri…” Syd whimpered, fighting the sleepiness tugging at her sleeve.

“Hush…here, you can hold Claire.” Brigitte said with a glimmer in her eyes, handing over the “last resort” plushie. “And I’ll be right beside you if you really can’t sleep. But try.”

Sydney gave Brigitte a protesting, watery look, but gracefully accepted Claire and snuggled it close. She didn’t really make it a habit to sleep with stuffies – not since third grade – however, she found it somehow comforting when she was feeling particularly restless.

Next thing she knew, the lights had gone off and Sydney burrowed into her pillow, trying to hold onto her last vigil thought – sneaking out. She still wanted to do it. Maybe if she could patiently wait until Brigitte would fall asleep…

Ten minutes later, Sydney was on the verge of sleep and still able to tell that Brigitte was awake. That began clear when Brigitte rolled on her side of the bed and slowly, carefully got up.

Sydney’s senses went alert. “What are you doing?” She whispered.

“Sorry, baby, I need to use the restroom. I’ll be right back. Go back to sleep.”

Sydney nodded in the dark, but her brain was already scheming. It was time to get the show on the road.

As soon as she heard the bathroom door click, Sydney dragged herself out of bed, rubbing her tired eyes. She tried to think fast. Ok, it was dark, but was there really a chance for Brigitte not to notice an empty bed when she came back?

Sydney gathered a couple extra pillows and crammed them where her body had been, fixing the blanket around them. As a final touch, she snuck Claire so that the fluffy bear kitten’s head would rest on her pillow.

By then it was time for her to flee, as she heard the toilette being flushed. She tiptoed in the dark towards the kitchen and softly snuggled on the couch, her ears tensing as she listened for any noise.

Brigitte’s quiet steps echoed in the silence and Sydney held her breath, but whatever immediate reaction the girl was expecting did not come. Apparently, Brigitte had walked around the bed and Sydney was positive, at that point, that her girlfriend was lying down again. The pillows had done the trick.

She felt a surge of adrenaline, mixed with disbelief. Really? Had it been that easy? She took a breath of relief and bit back a chuckle.


A gulp, and then the night went as quiet and still as physically possible. Sydney fidgeted on the couch and slowly got up, nervous.

Ok, what was she supposed to do now? Why hadn’t she thought about it in advance? Did she really expect Brigitte would never notice?

Biting her lip, Sydney had to admit that no, there was never a chance her prank would go unnoticed for too long, nor had she imagined otherwise. So why had she just dug a huge, deep hole to land herself into?

She whimpered wondering if she should go back to the bedroom of her own will. In a way she wanted to, partly to avoid making things worse and partly because she did feel a little bad, but her legs were fighting against it. This was about survival and deciding whether letting time pass and Bri take a few deep breaths would be a good idea. Or not.

Flip a coin and take your chance, Syd.

Her eyes went to the window and, for a moment, she very intently caressed the idea of slipping out.

“I wouldn’t recommend that.”

The kitchen light went on and with a dramatic jump Sydney squinted, eyeing Brigitte’s form on the door, hands on hip.

The engineer looked deadly serious and Sydney found that even the puppy dog eyes she was attempting were failing at gaining any lenience.

“Ok, ok, not my brightest idea.”

“You think?”

“I guess saying I was looking for a glass of water wouldn’t be that bright either?”

“No, but I know something of yours that will be bright very soon, and even brighter in the morning.”

Sydney found herself being dragged back to the bedroom by her forearm, feeling the impending doom she had totally brought over herself.

“Look, I’m sorry, Bri, I don’t know why I did it, but I just wanted to play, you see…”

“Are you sorry that you did it or sorry that you’re going to pay for it?” Brigitte said through gritted teeth, as she yanked her girlfriend’s pajama shorts down to her knees and easily pulled her over her thighs.

Sydney held her breath as Brigitte’s wasted no time communicating her displeasure, a flurry of resounding swats finding the center of each cheek rhythmically and without the slightest hesitation.

“Bri, please, the neighbor won’t be happy about this!”

“Should’ve thought about it before you snuck out of bed, what do you think? Perhaps I’ll have you go and apologize to Mrs Preak in the morning. After your trashing, that is.”

Sydney let out a whine and kicked slightly, her rear feeling rather warm already. She knew how stingy Brigitte’s palm could feel, and she was also aware that those whacks weren’t the hardest she’d ever felt. Her lover was using a different technique, letting the heat build up without leaving so much as the pause of a breath between the smacks. Finally, when Sydney was starting to buck up under her girlfriend’s palm, Brigitte paused.

Much to Sydney’s dismay, however, it was just to pull down her underwear and resume from where she’d left.

“Ow, dang, Bri, please, I won’t do it again, I will go to sleep, I promise!”

“That you will, young lady, you can count on it.” The swats resounded somewhat fiercely in the otherwise still night, setting both sets of cheeks of the physics student on fire. Sydney could not believe she was being spanked at such a late hour, aware as she was of how thin the walls of their apartment were. They offered so little protection and privacy that in the past she had already met some weird stares from her neighbors after being punished over Brigitte’s lap. It had never happened at night, however. She really hoped Mrs Preak, the woman living next door, was a heavy sleeper.

“Tomorrow morning, I will expect you to be up in time for us to have some extra time before work and school. After you’re done showering, I want you in position over the back of the couch, your pants and panties down with your backside ready to be walloped. Is that clear?”

Sydney whimpered and squirmed over Brigitte’s lap, busy registering the burning smacks that were probably living prints on her cheeks. Brigitte had now switched to delivering slower but harder, painful spanks all over her backside and across her sit-spots. Between those and the thought of what was waiting for her in the morning, Sydney found that even her neck and the tip of her ears were flaming for the embarrassment.

“But I thought you wanted me to get as much sleep as I can, and it’s already so late…” She managed to blurt out as she tried to cover her backside and her hand was caught halfway by Brigitte.

“That is true. And that is also why you will regain all the time you lost tonight and that of the morning by having an early bedtime tomorrow night.”

Sydney cursed herself for saying anything in the first place, but at that point Brigitte was lighting up her sit-spots delivering three slaps in a row to each, the hardest yet. After those, and her matching cries, Brigitte’s hand went still on her girlfriend’s bottom and both of them breathed hard, filling the thick silence.

Without a word, Brigitte helped Sydney up and out of her pants and panties, then got up and helped her girlfriend lay in bed on her belly, before making her way to the other side.

Sydney hid her face in the pillow, a little frustrated with what was still coming and more than a lot focused on her throbbing hindquarters. She considered sliding down a hand to rub her sore skin, but Brigitte intercepted it as she moved it under the sheet.

“No rubbing. I want you to feel it as you drift into sleep. We’ll talk about it tomorrow, but for now close your eyes.”

“I hate you…” Sydney whispered, shutting her eyes close to prevent a tear from sliding on her cheek.

“I know, Syd.” Brigitte caressed her girlfriend’s cheek, catching that tear in the corner of Sydney’s eye. “I love you.”


Sydney woke up before the alarm rang the next day, opening one eye and then the other to find her girlfriend still asleep, her breath deep and regular. A little smile tugged at her lips before she registered the uncomfortable sensation coming from her backside. She let a hand travel down and over her cheeks, grimacing at how sensitive they still felt. With what was still to come, Sydney knew she wouldn’t enjoy sitting through class later.

She rolled over, swallowing a hiss, and got up. She retrieved her phone as she headed to the bathroom.

_You disappeared. I take it your plan failed? Good luck.

Sometimes she wondered why she still listened to Ryan of all people, when her record as a troublemaker was unmatched. But then again, probably that was part of why they were best friends in the first place.

_Trouble sitting and it’s only halfway over. Thanks, bud, I’ll need it.

Sydney put down her phone and started her morning routine. She took a cold shower in hope that it would soothe her skin, which proved to be a good idea, but when it came to wearing her pants she stopped dead in track and suddenly decided that – for once in her life – it would be a better idea to wear a light, more comfy cotton dress. After all, the idea of hard fabric hugging her backside was too daunting when her cotton panties already felt like a crime against humanity. She braided her long blonde hair and simply checked herself in the mirror. She did seem a little tired, though the tension was probably keeping her fully awake. At least for now.

In the kitchen, Sydney made coffee and prepared everything they might need for breakfast – though she didn’t warm the bread. Her stomach was shut and she had no idea when Brigitte would want to get it over with. When she heard noises from their bedroom and understood that her girlfriend was in the bathroom, Syd felt butterflies in –her stomach.

She knew the request was for her to be ready for her spanking and wait in position for her girlfriend to administer the rest of her punishment. Sydney bit her lip, her cheeks flushing and a little sneaky tension building between her thighs. A sigh, then she reached the couch. She decided she would wait at least until Brigitte made it to the kitchen, just to be sure not to spend too long upside down.

When she heard the bathroom door open, Sydney took a deep breath and bent over, basically letting her behind do the morning greetings.

“Good morning, my beautiful wild brat.”

Sydney heard the soft steps before she felt Brigitte’s hand patting her backside. She squirmed.

“I am very glad you listened.”

“I wish I could say the same.” Sydney replied, rolling her eyes and earning a first swat from Brigitte’s palm. “Hey! It’s still sensitive, you know?”

“And it will be even more when I’m through with you. Are you ready to get this over with, baby?”

“You have no idea.” Sydney squirmed again at the feeling of her dress being pulled up and around her hips. Then her underwear was slipped down gently, around her bare feet and out. Brigitte was probably folding it away.

“I quite love this dress, you know. It’s such a shame I have to spank you to see it on you.”

Sydney turned her chin slightly and stuck her tongue out at her lover.

“Maybe once this is done you will show me just how much you love it, and that will convince me to wear it more often.”

Brigitte chuckled.

“Oh, but are you sure you will feel up for it once I’m done with your backside?”

“As long as I’m not required to lay on my back.” Sydney grinned, but her expression became sour when she felt the familiar – yet confusing – touch of a paddle on her bared bottom.

“It’s the leather paddle.” Brigitte explained, as if reading her brat’s mind. “And you will be feeling it once for every minute past midnight you went to sleep last night. That should make it 50 hard whacks.”

“Hey! I did go to sleep at midnight, we were in bed for 10 minutes or so.”

“During which you were most likely setting up your absurd plan and waiting for me to crash.”

Knowing there was no way she could deny that, Sydney sealed her lips and prepared for the first smack of the paddle. It didn’t prevent her from inhaling sharply when the paddle landed on the center of her left cheek, and then quickly on her right one.

“Ow, not so hard!”

“We’re just getting started, sweetie.”

Brigitte went on to light up Sydney’s rear tirelessly, not missing a beat. Every thwack of the paddle echoed in the kitchen and smarted with the slightest delay, just as another one fell on her backside. It was a dance of WHACKS and OWS, and after a while Sydney lost the count and tried to focus on not kicking back too hard. Her cries of protest, quiet at first, became louder the more her cheeks felt the paddle’s bite. By thirty, her backside was on fire.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I was stupid, I won’t do it again, I swear!”

“Naughty, Sydney. You were naughty, not stupid. Don’t you even call yourself that way.” SMACK, SMACK. The paddle landed across Sydney’s sit-spots harshly, making her buck up and wail.

Brigitte paused, and Sydney felt her hand on her blazing skin. She moaned, swallowing back the tears that were threatening to escape.

“Remind me why you are getting this spanking, Sydney Pierce.”

“I was a brat.” Syd replied instantly, trying to keep her voice steady. “I refused to get off my game, then I tried to delay my bedtime.”

“That’s correct. You were being quite feisty last night. What else?”

“I waited for you to be in the bathroom and snuck out of bed.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice?” SWAT, SWAT.

Sydney growled and waved her lower leg, feeling the pressure of her lover’s hand on her back.

“No, I suppose I knew you would find out at some point. Sooner than later, probably.”

“Then why did you do it?”

Sydney opened her mouth, but nothing came out of it. She found that she had no right or truthful answer. A couple more smacks tried to help, eliciting a yelp, but she just shook her head.

“You just wanted to be a little brat, didn’t you? You needed some of my attention.”

“Ma-maybe, Ma’am.”

“It had been a while since the last time I’d taken you over my knee” Brigitte said thoughtfully, and Sydney realized it was true. She had not been disciplined in over a month. She had been so taken with school, and Brigitte had been so busy with her job in the new company. They had barely had some quality time together, and when they had a day off, it had been a perfectly vanilla relationship. Sydney didn’t mind just having days off with her girlfriend, going on a ride, staying in and watching Netflix, cuddling. She did, however, miss being taken in hand, showed that Brigitte could still take control. Their DD dynamic had always made Sydney feel safe. She tended to grow restless when it went missing for too long. And, in a way, she realized, it made her scared.

“Bri, I’m sorry. I know with work and stuff we have other priorities right now. I shouldn’t have been such a needy spoiled child.”

“That’s enough, Syd.” Brigitte interrupted her, landing a good WHACK of the paddle across her cheeks, for good measure. “It’s true that it’s been hectic and that I hadn’t spanked you in a while, but you are – and always will be – one of my priorities. I guess with all this being busy you have not had time to really misbehave, and that lulled me into the false belief that you didn’t want or need me to take control. I can see now how that was a mistake. I’m sorry I let you down, love.”

The tears Sydney had been holding slid down her face, and she swiped at them, embarrassed.

“Maybe you need a spanking too…ow!”

Sydney rolled her eyes when Bri cracked her palm on her right cheek, but she knew they were both smiling.

“Perhaps we should introduce maintenance in our routine, at least until things settle down again.”

“Now, I don’t think I need that much attention…dang!”

Another swat made Sydney bite her lip. In all truth, her belly had tingled at the thought of them trying maintenance. It was probably true that they should consider it, at least weigh how that made them feel.

“Ready to end this, baby?”

Sydney sniffled once and nodded determinedly, bracing herself for the final flurry of powerful, hearty WHACKS. She also decided to let it go, and by the final blow she was lying limp over the couch crying her eyes out.

Brigitte let her calm down rubbing her lower back before helping her up and welcoming her into her arms, where she held it tight.

They spent some time breathing each other’s familiar scent, Sydney still sobbing gently as she rubbed her scorched skin.

Then it was all over. Brigitte helped Sydney pull her panties back on, much to her dismay, and got a cup of coffee just as Sydney prepared their butter and jam toasts. They had breakfast in a quiet, but relaxed atmosphere.

“You don’t want to take a sit, baby?”

“Oh, thank you, but I think I’ll stand.” Sydney rolled her eyes, swallowing her last piece of toast. She smiled, eyeing her lover’s lips covered in a drop of cherry jam. “Besides, it makes it easier for me to do this.” She bent forward and trapped those lovely, well-drawn lips in hers, pulling Brigitte into a passionate kiss.

“Woah there, tiger, slow down. We need to get ready, don’t we?”

“Uh huh…that wasn’t the deal at all.” Sydney gave a mischievous smirk and pulled Bri up, her hands traveling under the young engineer’s t-shirt. All of a sudden Brigitte let her arms tighten around the little blonde and Sydney was pulled up and dragged towards the bedroom, a hearty chuckle escaping her lips.

“Alright, you asked for it, young lady.”

“More like you promised, bossy britches. And you are one to keep your promises, aren’t you? I wouldn’t want to have to take a paddle to your backside…”

18 thoughts on “Saying Goodnight

    1. Great Els, I’m happy to make you smile!😁 Thats fair cause your stories always makes me smile…and squirm…LOL!
      About the switchiness, I confess I do like when tops gets in trouble once in a while!😜

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yeah, communication is always one of the most important parts of dd (or any) relationships and yet one of the most complicated aspects! Guess it doesn’t always happen so easily as it does in my stories 🙂


      1. Me! Lately I’ve been crashing… well I’ve been meaning to go to bed around 11, but it is usually midnight. I only get like six and a half hours of sleep. I need to go to bed earlier. I like to sleep eight hours!


        1. Maybe it is less hard if you gave yourself a bedtime. I mean, who are you supposed to fight other than sleep? 🤔

          As for me…I like to give myself a bedtime and then just ignore it 😜


        2. xenawarriorbrat

          I know for me I need several time markers. I’ve got ADHD and if I don’t have it broken down, I won’t organize anything well enough to make an arbitrary “bedtime,” and it eventually just becomes a joke.

          I have an alarm at 9:30 to shower, 10:15 to take my sleep meds (even on Ambien I’ll be awake for hours if I don’t follow a routine), 11 to stop social media, and 12 to have everything turned off. Aaaand I have “screentime” enabled on my phone so that’s very easy to check after the fact… 😬

          Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s a lot to keep track of. I don’t think I’ve ever had sleeping pills. I sleep like a rock once I get going. I love to sleep, I just don’t like going to bed. 😛


          2. I have around 7 alarms in the morning, but just because I’m chronically late. I don’t think that has anything to do with me going to bed late at night…or does it? 😬


      2. Hey, Ellie, always such a joy to read your stories!😍 Brigitte and Sydney are lovely and intriguing characters, and I love how you let us take part of all their feelings during spanking and your insights about what this kind of spanking can mean and feel like both in body and mind.
        I also love the slightly switchy touch: how Sydney takes charge a little in the end and even threatens Bri with a paddling…😁

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Your comments always make me smile, Rob! I’m glad you liked the characters and that you caught that hint of switchiness in the end. XD I must say Syd is very much a brat, but teasing Bri is definitely part of how she keeps her on her toes 😉


          1. Great Els, I’m happy to make you smile!😁 Thats fair cause your stories always makes me smile…and squirm…LOL!
            About the switchiness, I confess I do like when tops gets in trouble once in a while!😜


  2. This story is great! I felt transported to their apartment. And it is so wonderful having someone make you go to bed on time. I can’t wait to read more about this relationship!!! Thank you for the story!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Annaffd, welcome to the blog and thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It means a lot.

      I cannot share the joy for having someone make you go to bed early (lol), but if you want to read more about this couple, they are also featured in the story “Brat in Business”! You will find the link in the SSC Links page, but should also be able to find the story itself it if you scroll down on my post. Hope you enjoy 🙂


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