Saying Goodnight

As promised, here’s my (late) Spring story for the SSC. The first part of this story is inspired by some real-life events that occurred a few months ago. Sydney and Brigitte took it from there and made it their own. Enjoy and, if you do, drop me a comment. It sure helps me get writing.

“Crushed you again, Jack Russel!”

“For the love of God, Sydney, I’m not a dog! My name’s Jacob! Ja-cob! And you didn’t crush me. That was so fucking close…”

“Oooohhhh it burns, doesn’t it? You don’t like being beaten by a girl, admit it!” Sydney giggled as she re-adjusted her mic, a replay of her “Action-of-the-game” running on screen.

“I will admit that you’re the most obnoxious gay-mer I ever met.” Came Jacob’s voice through the gaming headphones.

“You love me.”

“That doesn’t make you any less of a pain.”

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Summer is here

And way sooner than expected! Who would’ve thought? 😂

Alright, this is a post with double intentions. One is to apologize for a simple something that I bet you all realized before I (we) did: we missed the deadline for the spring story of the SSC. I have had mine halfway done for months, so it’s a real shame, but that also means I will post it soon – possibly within the weekend – and pay extra attention to deadlines next time.

Since we all made the same mistake – and since life was sincerely hectic for many of us – I have accepted some brats’ request to extend the deadline up until next weekend – July 13-14. There won’t be consequences for the spring lateness, but be warned: the deadline for Summer season will be exactly the last day of summer, September 23rd. No concessions.

If you don’t succeed in posting your Spring story within 8 days, the consequences will be oh-so-tremendous! 😉 Tremendous how, you ask? This is where readers come on stage.

Ashling has brought to my attention something that is more “important” than I thought: most of us don’t have a Top that can administer a spanking for being late. Although I believe we all have some friends that would happily take care of it, and although I still think that self-spanking is an option, I understand how both solutions can be emotionally painful or feel lonely sometimes. So I want to add – while keeping those – more options to the spectrum of consequences you all can pick from before you write about it.

Poll coming in 3, 2, 1…

What would the perfect consequence for anyone missing another deadline of the Seasonal Challenge be?

I know the form looks crappy, but it’s the only way I found how to embed one in a WP blog post! Hope it works…it’s an experiment.

Oh, and…Happy Summer, everyone!