The Spankostory Seasonal Challenge

This weekend was somehow enlightening. I spent it in bed due to the most annoying cold, with a few lines of fever, a rain of sneezes and the energy to barely get up and wee. Also, I was grounded from video games and Netflix – which is a huge torture, if you ask me; never, ever get grounded when you’re sick.

On the bright side, it gave me a lot of time to think – more than I ever wanted – and my mind wandered into the world of story ideas I have had in the past year but never put on paper (blog). I thought about the many promises I made to you that I didn’t keep, the many times I should have posted and could not bring myself to write.

So I came up with this utterly stupid, masochistic suggestion:  let’s have a Spankostory Seasonal Challenge.

Now, what is that? It’s a challenge I’m throwing to myself, but also to each and every one of you who feels they need some extra motivation to write: let’s write (at least) a story per season.

Here are the few rules of the SSC:

  1. You have to write at least one story for every season of the year (that means around 4 stories a year – acceptable, right?). If you don’t, you will get a spanking (be it self-spanking or doled from a Toppy someone of your choice) and you will have to post about it.
  2. The stories don’t have to be season-related (but it’d be a bonus if they contained a hint to the season – could be a detail, a line or whatever).
  3. You can choose to actually accept the challenge at your own terms (which means, make it a two-seasons challenge, pick specific themes for every story, choose a different consequence – though I think the official one would work and force you to write one way or another).
  4. The stories can be of any length and type (this really is to motivate yourself to write, so that means even chapters of a story would be good, so long as you write and publish something).
  5. They can be multi-hand stories and will count as good for all of the involved writers.
  6. For those who like to participate in Alyx’s Christmas exchange, yes, the stories for her gift exchange can be used as winter seasonal stories.
  7. Last rule: of course there will be special spanking free tokens for those who have health problems or other things that objectively stop them from writing for three months in a row, or make their life especially complicated for a while.

So what do you think? Is anyone in on this? I know I will give it a shot for one full-blown year, and if it doesn’t work – well, I’ll just have to accept the trouble I’m getting myself into.

Please, let me know if you decide to join in. Remember to hashtag your stories #spankostoryseasonalchallenge or just #SSC. And good luck!

Ps. if you have any questions feel free to post them below!

Pps. The challenge isn’t only for spankos or writers in the spanking section, though I guess the terms would work best for those into TTWD. Food for thoughts.

25 thoughts on “The Spankostory Seasonal Challenge

  1. Awe Ellie I’m sorry your poorly right now! Flu sucks, we have some type of virus flying through work so I sympathize with you! *Hugs* 🤗

    Saying that it’s probably best your grounded from your games and Netflix… The light does no good for the head cold and out of it you created this fantastic idea !! I love it, good work. I’ve just started my Christmas story. Fingers crossed I finish it!!
    I’m assuming the SSC would start from next year??


    1. Sorry to break it to you, young lady, but no, it would start from right now! 😀

      That means you still have a month or so to ALSO write the Autumn story! If you decide to take the challenge, that is 🙂

      I must say it wasn’t that bad to get away from games for one day, although I wanted to play. And as for Netflix – I had many other streaming services I wasn’t grounded from! 😉 Only problem was when I felt really sick last night I also was the most bored and grew restless!


      1. Ah, ok… Yea I’ll give it a go… Is there an easy exit strategy??? I’m having second thoughts already 😂😂 is there a word count or can they be as short as you like? 😋🤓

        Well take it easy Hun! Are you feeling any better? I don’t know if you have it in Italy but a friend of mine, whose is a nurse recently suggested I take ibuprofen to beat any infections instead of antibiotics every time. It really works a gem with anything cold and flu related!!! 🤗🤗


        1. They can be as short as you like. Of course, your readers will realize if you are cheating and posting a summary instead of a story 😉

          I am feeling better, thank you. Right now just having some trouble – ahem – sitting, but otherwise ready to go back to work tomorrow!


  2. You definitely deserved the grounding young lady! And Carrie is right out of it came good ideas! 😉

    I’m in for the SSC challenge! 🙂 I’ll post on my blog about it as well and see if we can get some more people interested too!

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  3. Wow Ellie thats a brilliant idea! Im not a writer but i love the idea anyway!😊 It wil sure make many new stories see the light of day!
    Im sorry about you being ill buddy! Lying there in bed with a sore backside and no games….😔 not all that bad with your fab imagination!😏 anyway, heres a hug Ellie!

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  4. Ro

    Hey ya Ellie! Next time try poking the bear more covertly. 👌 this sounds like a great idea to get someone motivated to write. I’m undecided on whether or not I think I could join in. I am excited to read whatever comes out of your challenge though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Ro, you should give it a try! I mean, I was torn on whether to do this for two days because I actually don’t know if I can, but what’s the worst that can happen…? 😜


      1. Ro

        Thanks for the welcome, forgot to mention, hope you’re feeling better! If I do join I’ll have to skip autumn since I’ve got essays galore thanks to school (can I please just graduate already!?) And I’m not too keen on adding more. I’m interested in writing more (creatively not academically, school has that talent to just suck the fun out of things ) let me think on it a bit, I’ve never shared my writing before.

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  6. LOL. Good idea, Ellie. I would do it… umh…but I don’t do self-spanking! 😛
    I already posted a new chapter this season, AND I am working on a stand-alone Gwen and Aisling story! 😀 I really want to finish it by Halloween, but we’ll see.

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    1. Hey, Ashling…you know, you might always start 😜 Or, just for you, we could make it an exception and let you do virtual – I think it makes for great motivation! However it doesn’t look like you need it (at least for this challenge), you’re being productive!

      Fingers crossed that we get your Gwen and Aisling story soon!

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      1. Lol! It does give motivation. 😉
        I would join you if I wasn’t writing my master thesis. I like knowing I don’t have other “commitments” even though I do intent to work on a story. 😉


        1. Well, technically, since you just posted your Annabelle update…you’d have until the end of winter to worry about the new story! And I bet you’re already planning on joining Alyx’s exchange so that would keep you on your toes challenge or not 😉

          Though I do understand 😊 It’s up to you! Just remember you can join at any moment. If it works I’m planning on keeping this up for as much as we master procrastinators need it.

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            1. Yay! Welcome aboard! 😁

              Ya know Ash, I think the tricky part is having to write about it as part of the punishment! That forces the writer to post something…one way or another! 😜

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