The Anthology is Out!

We have been waiting for this day with trepidation and a little bit of fear (the sort that grips your thoughts when you think your story is about to be read by possibly anyone, and surely most of your spanko friends).

Fourteen Firsts, this awesome labor of love, is finally avaliable starting today on Amazon, where you will be able to buy it and download it as an ebook.

It will include, of course, fourteen spanking stories – all different, all special, all written in their own unique style, with one thing in common: all of them are thought and built around the theme of firsts, where first really can be anything (a first spanking, a first kiss, the first time you bought a dishwasher 😜).

This Anthology is the result of teamwork, trust, encouragement and committment, but could have never seen the light without Stardawn Cabot‘s constant editing, hard work, suggestions, Claire Britain‘s gentle support and help and Anna Reilly‘s efforts in hosting the “event” and gathering a group of women who, like you spankos out there, seem to all get a little bratty at times or experiment itchy palms and wanted to turn those emotions into something they (we) could share: words.

For most of us (including me) writing and publishing a story was an entirely new experience, a first in itself. But we hope to give you some nice entertainment, a good, relaxing time and maybe draw a few smiles on your faces.

Oh, important thing: all proceeds of the book will go to charity. So, yeah, it’s one of those times when by doing something naughty you are actually doing something good! 😉


Ellie Rogue

The beautiful cover is handiwork of the awesome Claire Britain, who’s as much of a brat as she is a creative genius! (Sorry Claire, don’t kill me…)

A quiet night at the Temple of the Huntresses: the Anthology snippet

Before you get to read this “little” piece of mine, I want to warn you: this is a bit of a promotional play-on-spanking. 😜

The characters featured in this story are also the protagonists of my story in the Anthology book that will come out in a few days (on Semptember 7th, to be precise). I will say more about it when the moment comes, but…if you wish to find out more about Amberly, Shana, Nina, Cassandra and Elektra, or the Order of the Huntresses, all you have to do is sneak your way to the book, which will include 14 different spanking stories all involving the main theme of “first times”.

Now have a little fun.

And remember to stay naughty! 😏

“Breathe in…” came the soft purr as Shana’s lips grazed Amberly’s lobe (the latter stifled a shiver) “hold it in your chest. Like this…” One hand went to rest on the young woman’s abdomen. “Adjust your aim now…” Shana’s fingertips touched the brunette’s arm, sliding towards her elbow, ignoring the goosebumps on the soft skin…

Amberly’s cheeks were flushed, her twinkling eyes narrowed, her breath caught in her throat…

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