Smells like September

Hello, fellow spankos. It’s been a while.

You see, in July some brats had the guts to “accuse” me of not having reminded them of the Spring deadline for the Seasonal Challenge. So here I am, dropping a quick memento mori for those that still have to submit their Summer Story: 23 days until Autumn, 23 days to write and post your stories before you find yourselves in a heap of trouble.

Speaking of which, I’d like to thank everyone that answered my poll and to announce that, not surprisingly, this was the consequence a large majority chose:

they want the writers who skip a deadline to be “Writing their spanking as they imagine it would be. Only limit: the character getting it must have their name”.

The option was followed only by the “grounding” idea, which would surely be less fun for our readers but no doubt as effective (and less time consuming) for our misbehaving writers.

So, any of you out there who are participating in the challenge or wanting to join, watch out for these blood-thirsty readers that know exactly how to keep us motivated! 😀

Now to a less ominous topic: how were your holidays?

January might be when the new year officially begins, but we all know September represents a “fresh start” in itself. Besides, it’s much easier to feel positive and proactive with the skin still warmed up by the sun and the glint of freedom in our eyes and…ok, who am I kidding!? I wanna go back to the carefree afternoons on the beach, the rocks-climbing, the sunburns, the ice-creams with friends and all that wonderful, soul-cleansing stuff September is taking away.

But alas, we wouldn’t appreciate that freedom as much if we didn’t have it for a limited time.

It’s what Tops do, right? They take away privileges so that we realize how much we miss them, how much they meant for us, and are willing to stop in our tracks and become good little angels in order to gain them back. Isn’t that evil?

Yes, and yet sometimes we need it.

And like a Top who restores access to a privilege for good behavior, I hope September will give us back the energy to start something new and seek what can make us feel alive, feel us – not suspended in time, like during the holidays, when we procrastinate anything we aren’t forced to take care of right away, but present in our own daily life.

I for one hope to be able to make some changes in mine. What about you?

Welcome back, fellow brats and Tops. May the year be as nice as the hand that rubs your stinging backside after a good awakening SWAT.


Saying Goodnight

As promised, here’s my (late) Spring story for the SSC. The first part of this story is inspired by some real-life events that occurred a few months ago. Sydney and Brigitte took it from there and made it their own. Enjoy and, if you do, drop me a comment. It sure helps me get writing.

“Crushed you again, Jack Russel!”

“For the love of God, Sydney, I’m not a dog! My name’s Jacob! Ja-cob! And you didn’t crush me. That was so fucking close…”

“Oooohhhh it burns, doesn’t it? You don’t like being beaten by a girl, admit it!” Sydney giggled as she re-adjusted her mic, a replay of her “Action-of-the-game” running on screen.

“I will admit that you’re the most obnoxious gay-mer I ever met.” Came Jacob’s voice through the gaming headphones.

“You love me.”

“That doesn’t make you any less of a pain.”

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Summer is here

And way sooner than expected! Who would’ve thought? 😂

Alright, this is a post with double intentions. One is to apologize for a simple something that I bet you all realized before I (we) did: we missed the deadline for the spring story of the SSC. I have had mine halfway done for months, so it’s a real shame, but that also means I will post it soon – possibly within the weekend – and pay extra attention to deadlines next time.

Since we all made the same mistake – and since life was sincerely hectic for many of us – I have accepted some brats’ request to extend the deadline up until next weekend – July 13-14. There won’t be consequences for the spring lateness, but be warned: the deadline for Summer season will be exactly the last day of summer, September 23rd. No concessions.

If you don’t succeed in posting your Spring story within 8 days, the consequences will be oh-so-tremendous! 😉 Tremendous how, you ask? This is where readers come on stage.

Ashling has brought to my attention something that is more “important” than I thought: most of us don’t have a Top that can administer a spanking for being late. Although I believe we all have some friends that would happily take care of it, and although I still think that self-spanking is an option, I understand how both solutions can be emotionally painful or feel lonely sometimes. So I want to add – while keeping those – more options to the spectrum of consequences you all can pick from before you write about it.

Poll coming in 3, 2, 1…

What would the perfect consequence for anyone missing another deadline of the Seasonal Challenge be?

I know the form looks crappy, but it’s the only way I found how to embed one in a WP blog post! Hope it works…it’s an experiment.

Oh, and…Happy Summer, everyone!


Hello everyone and hello Spring!

I am a bit late with this post – 10 days late – but I am also positive that you don’t need me to remind you of when Spring officially starts or ends, which obviously means – no, you cannot use my being late as an excuse to procrastinate your writing.

For those participating in the Spankostory Seasonal Challenge, it’s that time of the year again: time to get writing! You now have until June 21st to come up with a story, post it and submit it, before your butt enters the danger zone. You know who you are (and friendly reminder that I know who you are too 😉).

For any of you who haven’t joined yet, this is the perfect time to get started: Spring is, after all, the season of fresh starts, of life and new beginnings 😀

I can tell that this Spring has got something coming for a few of us and that some encounters will be happening and, hopefully, that will lead to new ideas and inspiration. Good luck and enjoy the warmer, nicer temperatures.

Ps. Shoutout to Carrie who, to save her endangered backside, managed to write, post and submit her Winter story the last day before the deadline! She is living proof that this Challenge may actually work and bring some nice outcomes. You can find her story, along with all the others submitted so far, in my SSC Links Page (Top menu).

Being a spankee is hard

Being a spankee, like most good things in life, is not just fun and games. It is hard.

Most of the time you are “born” with the kink, or have it within you since a very young age, so much so that you don’t even remember when it first happened that you felt those butterflies in your belly in relation to the S-word.

For me, it was Vhs. I would rewind a specific one just to watch over and over a scene from an old Jack Frost movie where a baby bear got his butt warmed for sneaking out of bed after being tucked in. That wasn’t the only “red flag”, just one of the earliest.

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The Challenge is now live

Hello spankos!

Starting today, you will find a new page in my top menu, connecting to all the links “submitted” for the Spankostory Seasonal Challenge. I will update it whenever something new comes up, so keep an eye on it.

I hope I can soon integrate the list with some of your stories – I reckon some of you wanted to join in, so maybe this way we can make sure no one cheats! 😉

Anyway, you’re more than welcome to join in and I will be more than happy to add your links to the list.

I also want to remind you that – if you haven’t posted anything yet – you still have time to submit a story for the Winter Season (final deadline: March 19th)!

Go here to read what this whole thing is about.

Wishing you a lovely day,


Brat in Business

Written by Ellie Rogue ~ Edited by Mishi Dreamer

A late Christmas gift for Alyx Christmas Exchange 2018.

We hope you enjoy our little present, even though it came at the very edge of 2018. Actually, this is a very good time to wish you a happy new year! May it be filled with nice moments, trouble (the fun kind), joyous occasions, trouble, love and happiness, trouble, and of course naughtiness and swats!


Ryan dropped on the couch fully coated, one hand holding her phone and the other rubbing her tired eyes.

“Oh, Syd. Had one heck of a day. So glad I can finally stay home and relax.”

“Geez, so bad?”

“My manager wants me to come up with a brilliant idea for the tender by tomorrow. Brief from the client was emailed to me tonight. I worked three extra hours, I’m drained, and have no idea where to start.”

“Shit, that sucks. At least tomorrow’s Friday?”

“Yeah, that’s the only nice part. If I survive, then it’ll be the weekend.”

Ryan heard Sydney hum in sympathy as she sat up straighter and reached out to the box of food she’d grabbed on her way home: kebab and fries. Not the healthiest dinner for sure, but at least it was something. Ryan hadn’t been grocery shopping in a while now. Her frozen stocks were gone, and her fridge was definitely feeling lonely.

“What if I gave you something to look forward to other than survival, for tomorrow?”

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This is for you

Our Second labor of love is finally out. We’re live. You can find our child on Amazon (here’s the link). This time around, the evil Stardawn and Claire came up with a fair but totally tough main topic: seconds. I know, right? It’s fitting for our bunch! And yet, writing about Seconds is so much harder than you could ever imagine. I can’t wait to read what all the writers came up with (in case you are wondering, no, we don’t have a preview-access to the book, so I’m just as curious as you are!).

If you intend to buy the book, know that all the incomes will go to charity.

But, hey, not why we’re here! As I said, this is for you.

You’ll find one of my stories in the book, and I want you to know that – whatever you wanna say (be it positive or negative comments, questions, reviews, just a quick “hi”), this is the right place to let it out.

I’ll be happy if I hear from any of you and actually am looking forward to seeing what you all will make of my characters and plot!

So, go ahead, bring it, readers!

A big thank you to those of you that will give us a chance and to Stardawn and Claire for physically and emotionally giving birth to this 12 pounds baby book.

A special mention goes to Logan Tyler, who refused to let me give up, and to Mishi Dreamer, my very first editor and beta-reader (as usual).


Back to the future

A few weeks ago I posted a story featuring a younger Terry ensuring herself a sore bottom for misbehaving while sick and putting her health at risk.

A certain young brat (of course it had to be a brat, or she wouldn’t have noticed) realized that, out of a strange coincidence, the first time contemporary Top Terry made her appearance in a public kinklet story, she was after Ellie for basically the same crimes (along with a few more minor infractions).

 Today I’m going to show you what Terry looked like on her first public appearance, clearly a long time after switching to the dark side.

Please, enjoy a “back to the future” (or back to the present) snippet, a repost and reconstruction of some bits of the original kinklet that happened over at Anna Reilly Spanking Romance in June 2017.

Many thanks to Mishi for coming up with this similarity and Micah for giving me permission to repost the bits I wrote back then. 😉

More comments at the end of the story.


Terry put down her phone, staring at it with a worried expression. It was the third time she tried to call Ellie, and yet no answer had come from the young brat, not even in text form. Terry would have thought the younger girl was simply mad at her and avoiding her because of it, but Ellie hadn’t been online at all, which was strange in itself.

Terry Parker had lived in town for over a year now and half of her stay she had shared her apartment with the young bratty friend from her country. The two had always had a connection, and Terry could see so much of herself in the youngster, but Terry had grown a long way from that far away time when she would recklessly get up to mischief, continuously earning a sore backside from her girlfriend Mary or their mentor, Hannah.

Now, years later, Terry was an amazing doctor and a Top, an affirmed one too, and she was also rather convinced that little Ellie could beat her at her own game when it came to mischief-making.

The young miscreant had no interest in taking care of herself and staying safe, which was the reason why so many times Ellie had found herself over Terry’s knee, getting a bit of a nasty, but most necessary (in Terry’s opinion), handmade old-fashioned medicine.

Despite that (or maybe because of it), their cohabitation had worked charms so far. They had cared for each other before, but they had grown even closer in the last few months. Terry looked after Ellie and Ellie strived to do better, the older woman made sure Ellie would be well fed and behaved at the cost of not sitting comfortably, and the younger brat made sure Terry felt loved and nowhere near lonely. They balanced and completed each other, like two sides of a coin – kept each other sane when everything outside seemed to be falling apart.

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Here’s the first of my stories for the spankostory seasonal challenge.

It features a character many of you already met, someone you know to be a sweet, caring, but also stern and unforgiving Top. Terry Parkers is a character dear to my heart. It takes inspiration from the first toppy character I ever created, back when I was a young girl building her own secret, safe world of words. Terry is one formidable Top (if I say so myself), one you might not want to ever be on the bad side of, but – hey, it wasn’t always like that. Please, enjoy a sneak peek into her life as a college student.

ALERT: there is something non-spanky in this story, but I put an alert that will easily allow you to skip it if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable.

Terry growled as she entered the hospital, shrugging the water off her umbrella and trying to fold it without doing further damage. Her coat was dripping, and her shoes were soaked, so much so that she couldn’t feel the tips of her toes.

She dropped the umbrella somewhere near the entrance, hoping she’d find it on her way back, and headed straight to the stairs. The hospital was its usual potpourri of people of any age and kind. Some wandered around the hall wearing their pajamas, escorted by relatives or nurses fussing over them. Others were, just like Terry, simple visitors, coming in to see someone they loved.

Unlike most of the other people, Terry had a special relationship with that place. The great majority of the faces around her expressed their ill-concealed wish to leave and put as much distance as possible between them and the hospital. For Terry, the Saint Maurice felt like home – or at least something close to it. She was aware of all the pain and suffering that happened within those walls, conscious of how many unknown heroes spent their days and nights fighting their own monsters and enemies. However, where there was aching, there was hope. And where there was hope, there was a chance to make things better.

The Saint Maurice was where her girlfriend worked as an intern, and where she herself hoped she would work someday, after finishing medical school and majoring in psychiatry. For now, she was but a young passionate student, full of energy, expectations and…germs.


“Hello to you too, Parkers.”

Terry rubbed her nose with the back of her sleeve, waving at the woman who had just welcomed her to the general medicine departure, and kept walking – only to be halted a second later, mid-step.

“And just where do you think you’re going?”

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