This is why you should never mess with magic…

I found this lovely picture in the recesses of Tumblr (there is some interesting material over there) and it made me laugh. I find it endearing enough that I couldn’t help sharing it with you all.

This is what happens when you mess up with magic, young lady…it might come back to bite your bottom 😉 Quite literally.

What do you imagine led to this happening? I have my own take on the story…maybe I will share it later in form of one-shot, we shall see.

I couldn’t find anywhere the name of the artist, but if you know who the owner of this awesome work is (or if you are the owner), please let me know so I can credit them properly.


What would you want to find in your Easter Egg?

I wonder now if gifting chocolate Easter Eggs is a common practice across our countries. I know in mine we do gift chocolate eggs with a surprise inside. They’re usually the size of a “dragon egg” (if that is even a measure) or smaller. Depending on the brand, inside you can find plushies, toys or gadgets.

I wonder if there are any spanko-eggs out there? Lol If so, if you received one, what would you want to find in it?

In any case…I wish you all a peaceful Easter, a lovely break and good old fashioned…holidays. Whether you’re staying home and having good food, traveling to a warm beach to meet friends or organizing a picnic in the park – and even more so if you’re going to work – I wish you happy and restful moments.

Be kind to yourselves and try to do at least one thing you enjoy and truly relaxes you.

Running away

As I drive my Captur out of town, the landscape changes quickly. There is more green than steel-gray right after the outskirts, even though most of it is still pale and parched from the cold winter. It’s not exactly nice and warming a sight, but it gets me to take a breath, a deep one.
It would probably help me loosen up, if I weren’t so damn focused on putting as many miles as I could between me and my office, my apartment, my life. In all honesty, I just deeply wish I could leave myself behind, but I am not quite sure how one’s supposed to do that. So I’m grudgingly carrying myself with me, and focusing on driving, my foot stomping on the gas pedal as the car roars and overtakes another couple. Maybe three.
They’re clearly not as committed to getting the hell out of there, or they would get a move on already.

My phone rings. The blasted thing. One time I forget the silent mode and it comes back to bite me in the ass. I keep one hand on the wheel and quickly retrieve it with my right (it’s a good thing I dropped it on the seat next to me, along with a jacket and my backpack. A quick look at the screen tells me all I need to know.

It’s her. Unfortunate how good her timing is: sometimes it’s just like she can sense that something is wrong. Well, nothing’s wrong. I’m good – great actually – I’m beating my record speed on the almost empty road and letting my lungs fill with the sweet sensation that everything is being left behind. I am running away.

Three minutes later my smartphone is ringing again, and I am getting impatient. My heart is flickering in my chest, like a caged bird that seeks freedom. There is no way for that bird to flee unless someone lets it out. Is that what is happening to me? Am I just flying around in a cage, as fast as I can?

My head spins, hot flashes shoot through my body and I groan out loud. Panic. I know the physical effects of it by heart – which is good. They can never develop in a full blown attack. Recognition is my best defense.

I slow down just a bit as I kindly ask Siri to call her back. I am almost as gentle to Siri as I would be to a real human being. But then again, I apologize to trash cans when I bump into them on the street.

“El? Finally, I was getting worried. Are you still in the office? It’s really late.”

Her voice echoes in the car as I keep my eyes on the road with a purpose, almost as if she is right there staring at me and I fear meeting the look I know so well.

“Oh, yeah?” I answer casually, my fingers tightening around the wheel. “It’s so hard to tell since the days are getting longer. I still need to get used to the sky not being dark at this time.”

My tone is even, unreadable, but it’s a non-answer, and we both know that. As I know what’s coming next.

“Baby, what is wrong? Where are you? Is that a car engine I hear? Wh-why would you be in a car, when you work 10 minutes from here on foot?”

Her voice is holding back a note of worry that I still sense. She’s trying hard not to jump to conclusions, something I always complain she does, yet this time she would probably be right and I would be proven a fool. The irony.

I hesitate, my lips pursing. It’s not as complicated a choice, it’s just a crossroad: either I go right, and tell her the truth, or I go left, and I lie. I can go ahead until I’m far enough that it would take her days to find me, in the best hypothesis. I wonder if she would still search for me, days after I’m gone. Maybe she would. Maybe she’d think I don’t want her around, give up on me. I would be alone with my thoughts, my silence and my gas bills.

Is that what I want? To be alone with myself? Come to think of it, I can’t remember a time when I was alone and could enjoy the silence. My head is never as quiet as I’d like, never been able to shut the fuck up. A bird in a cage.

“I am running away.”


I repeat the words calmly, and accept the silence from the other side. There, now it’s quiet. It’s all quiet. Like the heart of the storm, or those few seconds when it passes. Quiet like the minute before the clock chimes midnight.

“Pull over.”

I completely neglect the firm whisper – or perhaps I don’t, for my foot stomps on the gas (some part of my brain clearly listened and reacted).

“Baby girl. Pull over.”

I’m breathing hard now, sniffling and obstinately holding back my tears. This is stupid. This is as completely dumb as it always is. As dumb as it is that I still try.

A bird in a cage. I can’t run from my feelings, my fears, my mind. I can only run from responsibilities, and fill my bags with guilt.

The Captur slows down and I grin wrily. I really almost laugh out loud, bitterly, wondering if I didn’t choose that car on purpose. Some part of me again. There are slices of me that are unaccessible to the rational side – more like puddles, maybe. Or pits. Deep inside.

“I’m parking.” I explain blankly. When the car rests on the side of the road, quiet, I feel like I’m physically aching. It’s hard to explain, the physical ache that comes from emotions.

“Send me your position.”

I retrieve my phone again and I do as I’m told, biting hard on my bottom lip. I look out the window. Now other drivers are overtaking me without giving me the slightest look. Like I’m a piece of furniture in the highway. I blend in with the guardrail.

“Stay right where you are, do you hear me?”

I don’t answer, busy frowning at the black Jeep that just roared past me.

“Little one.”

The words catch my attention. It’s rare for me to hear them. She probably knows that as well.

“Yeah.” I murmur, laying my head against the headrest.

She gives me a little cough-cough.

“Yes, ma’am, I know. I will not move an inch.” I have nowhere to go anyway. There is no way to run.

“Good. I’m getting in the car right now.”

“Thank you.” Is the last thing I say before I hang up. My eyes are stinging and I don’t want to cry. And I can’t pull myself together if she’s on the phone. And I want to be ready for when she gets here. I want to be the tough, little, brave bird that keeps flying in the cage, as if not bothered by the truth. After all, the world is full of little brave birds.

I shiver, and curl up on the seat making myself as small as I can, looking out at the dying sun.

It takes three

(A – late – story for Alyx’s Christmas Exchange) – Edited by Mishi Dreamer

“How long…?”

Allison James, I swear if you ask one more time I’m going to park right here and drop you off!”

Silence. The corner of Ally’s lips slowly bent down.

“And don’t pout.”

“I’m not pouting!” She was. She was and she couldn’t help it. They had been in the car for about two hours now, but it was going to take a good while more. Allison was mentally prepared, it didn’t come as a surprise, and on a “normal” day she would’ve just enjoyed the road trip, busying herself with picking the right soundtrack, staring out of the window or chatting with her wife about this and that, sharing thoughts and gossip on what they had missed of each other and their friends during the busy week. However, it had been a few terribly stressing months at work and, now that it was finally over with and they were seemingly free to enjoy a few days off for the Christmas holidays, Allison was experiencing a strange…surge of contrasting emotions. Even Karen had noticed. Ally was restless, and her mind kept racing out of control, just like her mouth: she often found herself pushing her wife for a reaction that, unfortunately, didn’t seem to come. It made Ally even more frustrated, no matter how hard she tried to shrug it off.

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Dear Santa…before I explain, how much do you know already?

That (the title of this post) was how I was going to start my blog entry to wish all of you people around the world a heartfelt Merry Christmas…however, as you might have figured out by now, I am late.

Now now…that shouldn’t come as a surprise, I realize, for I’m always late (or so I’ve been told); still, I wanted to wish you all the best holidays, filled with laughs and love and cuddles and happiness. I wish for you to be able to wrap up the end of this last year with a nice, satisfied smile (or at least a patient, slightly resigned one if it was the sort of year that tested your survival) and to be ready to welcome the new one with hope twinkling in your eyes.

I for one will try to embrace the fresh start with a more hopeful, more positive attitude; I’ll keep fighting hard for what I want, growing and challenging myself daily; I’ll try to complain less and laugh more often; to be a good friend and maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to be kinder to myself sometimes.

I’m not going to promise I will try to be a good girl, for that’s something I have absolutely no intention to commit to. Besides, why would I, when I already am a good girl!?

So, once again, I wish you all a beautiful, happy ending and I wish you an even better beginning. You deserve it, no matter how good or bad you were this year. Everyone deserves a second chance, don’t we?

With this (and with the promise I’m working on stories in hope they DO make it out of my drawer, possibly soon enough to be apart of Alyx’s Christmas Gift Exchange) I’m saying bye for now.

Ps. please, notice that my name is not appearing on the nice list because it’s already noted under Santa’s arm for 2018. But, hey, the good thing is, I have a whole year to…steal that list and swap the Nice-Naughty labels!


Hello readers!

Long time no see. I don’t know if any of you wondered what happened to me and who kidnapped me (most of you likely know I’m alive because you’ve seen me causing havoc at Anna’s once in a while): I wasn’t kidnapped and yes, obviously I’m still alive.

I had three extremely tough months in a school that works a bit like a bootcamp. They pulled us straight out of our comfort zone the first day and we haven’t spotted it since: I’ve had late working night (up until 5 am), one project after another, companies kicking my ass, educational specialists kicking my ass, professors kicking my ass and so on…in a way I think I’m coming out of this stronger than I was…in another I must admit I am overly tired and stressed out, which some of you already know as when I’m stressed I am particularly…”hard to handle” (sorry girls).

In all of this…I’ve missed you terribly. I miss writing, I miss causing trouble and being a brat. The levels of stress I went through have taken down almost totally my “toppy side”: I guess feeling constantly tired, lost, under pressure and like I need to prove myself have just made my need for someone to take control and just hug me and repeat me that it’s ok and I’m doing ok and I’m going to be fine rise to the stars – and above.

It is amusing how feelings in TTWD change depending on where you are in your life and what’s happening to you. Not surprising, cause I guess it’s an understandable fact, but yes amusing. You tend to underestimate how much things might change in just a few weeks. Do you know what I mean? Did you ever feel like this?

Enough with my rambling!

As you may have noticed, I made a bit of restyling on my blog, I was tired of all those words and I needed some more pictures. Now it all looks giant and I have to get used to it, but I hope it’s still a nice change for you all. I also gave it a little Xmas streak since we’re getting close to it.

I cross my fingers hoping I will be able to write and publish stories again. You have faith. I plan of definitely having something around Christmas. If I’m late…either remind me with a swat or be extremely patient with me (you choose which option would work best).

In all cases, I hope you decide to stay: I would definitely miss you if you left.

That said, how are you all doing recently? Are you being good? Gosh, I hope not because I don’t want to feel lonely on Santa’s naughty list!

The Anthology is Out!

We have been waiting for this day with trepidation and a little bit of fear (the sort that grips your thoughts when you think your story is about to be read by possibly anyone, and surely most of your spanko friends).

Fourteen Firsts, this awesome labor of love, is finally avaliable starting today on Amazon, where you will be able to buy it and download it as an ebook.

It will include, of course, fourteen spanking stories – all different, all special, all written in their own unique style, with one thing in common: all of them are thought and built around the theme of firsts, where first really can be anything (a first spanking, a first kiss, the first time you bought a dishwasher 😜).

This Anthology is the result of teamwork, trust, encouragement and committment, but could have never seen the light without Stardawn Cabot‘s constant editing, hard work, suggestions, Claire Britain‘s gentle support and help and Anna Reilly‘s efforts in hosting the “event” and gathering a group of women who, like you spankos out there, seem to all get a little bratty at times or experiment itchy palms and wanted to turn those emotions into something they (we) could share: words.

For most of us (including me) writing and publishing a story was an entirely new experience, a first in itself. But we hope to give you some nice entertainment, a good, relaxing time and maybe draw a few smiles on your faces.

Oh, important thing: all proceeds of the book will go to charity. So, yeah, it’s one of those times when by doing something naughty you are actually doing something good! 😉


Ellie Rogue

The beautiful cover is handiwork of the awesome Claire Britain, who’s as much of a brat as she is a creative genius! (Sorry Claire, don’t kill me…)

A quiet night at the Temple of the Huntresses: the Anthology snippet

Before you get to read this “little” piece of mine, I want to warn you: this is a bit of a promotional play-on-spanking. 😜

The characters featured in this story are also the protagonists of my story in the Anthology book that will come out in a few days (on Semptember 7th, to be precise). I will say more about it when the moment comes, but…if you wish to find out more about Amberly, Shana, Nina, Cassandra and Elektra, or the Order of the Huntresses, all you have to do is sneak your way to the book, which will include 14 different spanking stories all involving the main theme of “first times”.

Now have a little fun.

And remember to stay naughty! 😏

“Breathe in…” came the soft purr as Shana’s lips grazed Amberly’s lobe (the latter stifled a shiver) “hold it in your chest. Like this…” One hand went to rest on the young woman’s abdomen. “Adjust your aim now…” Shana’s fingertips touched the brunette’s arm, sliding towards her elbow, ignoring the goosebumps on the soft skin…

Amberly’s cheeks were flushed, her twinkling eyes narrowed, her breath caught in her throat…

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Summer Mischief: part 1

Warning: Summer Mischief is meant to be a light summer story with a spanko touch, something to read under the umbrella or in a moment of boredom. It will be a slow burn (not THAT slow, but a little slow). There will be actual spanking in future chapters, I just can’t promise exactly when yet – but you are welcome to place bets.

If you end up liking these two young ladies I suggest you stay tuned 😛

Enjoy 🙂

Ps. if you find a mistake and report it to me in the comments, you win a treat! 😛

EDIT: My greatest thanks to Mishi for proofreading this! She’s an awesome editor and now the story should go a little smoother thanks to her! Unless I’ve messed something in this EDIT note too (which sounds like I have)…but I can promise the rest of the story is now written in more decent English! 😀 Hopefully, that will help all the native speakers avoid a lot of eyerolling!

Claudia loved early mornings. She loved starting her day running along the beach on the boardwalk, sniffing the intense, fresh scent of the sea and letting the salty breeze caress her heated skin. She loved listening to the soothing sound of the rolling waves, or taking in the beautiful sight of the clean, crystal waters on a good day, when the sun was still waking up and yet to start warming the world. Most of all, she loved her summer routine in the small village. Her seasonal job, her friends, her relative peace. She loved her life as it was: nice and steady, with some sprints of energizing activity here and there. Or so she’d always thought.

“Hey, Claud, how are ye doing, my girl?” The old man greeted her warmly, with his usual toothless smile. Dear old Alvaro had a soft spot for Claudia. He was a good man, had spent a life as a sailor and now ran a kiosk by the sea. No one had been able to convince him to enjoy a quiet retirement: he liked to repeat that, if he was to live without his sea and something to keep busy with, they might as well bury him now. “What can I get ya, huh? The usual?”

Claudia approached the counter as she gathered her long, dark-blonde hair in a high ponytail, a broad smile brightening her features.

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Why so quiet?

As any good Top would say when a brat is strangely quiet, that’s because I’m up to something!

…Which shows how Tops are clearly prejudiced and misled. Sorta.

Fine, as a matter of fact, I might be up to something: I am working on a story for the beautiful anthology project of Stardawn Cabot, Claire Britain and Anna Reilly (which really has me on my toes, for they are all amazing writers – whose books you can find on Amazon, go get them! – and the thought they will have a look at my writing is absolutley scary and thrilling at the same time!).

So, between this, my having been hyper-active on Anna’s blog (the link is in my “Blogs I follow” list – and I suggest you check it out because it is a real blast and a Brat Amusement Park) and RL chewing me up, my time for writing anything else is simply…not.

Still, I am definitely planning a lot of other stories and plots to write down. Some I already have started. Once I’m done with the project I’ll be back to making this place a little more lively. Or at least I hope so. 🤞

In the meanwhile…take care and don’t be good! 😇 And if you want to share your latest misdeeds in the comments below that will make me happy and give me a push on my writing, along with other interesting hints for future tales of brats and itching hands! 😜